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Semi truck accident lawyers work with victims of semi truck accidents each day in every state, county, city and town. While some semi truck accidents simply result in "fender benders," other semi truck accidents result in serious injury or death. Many injured victims of semi truck accidents are overwhelmed by the red tape inevitably involved immediately after a semi truck accident. There are typically law enforcement personnel, medical providers, insurance companies and investigators to deal with, all of which are headaches in addition to the trauma and shock of a semi truck accident. Our semi truck accident attorneys know the ins and outs of the system and can provide sharp, expert assistance to lessen the stress of coping with a semi truck accident.

Sometimes there are semi truck accident reconstructionists, public aid liens, Medicare liens and subrogation rights who need to be addressed. It is not uncommon for person injured in a semi truck accident to be unable, or at least less able, to address these complicated issues directly following their accident. Unfortunately, however, much of the ground work must be done right away to make sure a semi truck accident victim is properly compensated. A good semi truck accident lawyer is essential in the aftermath of a semi truck accident.

Often while semi truck accident victims are still receiving initial medical treatment, the “at fault” semi truck driver has already notified his or her company about the accident and/or the insurance carrier representing their interests. Every insurance company has a team of adjusters, investigators and semi truck accident attorneys whose primary responsibility is to limit the liability of the insurance company and minimize the amount of money to be paid to injured parties. The semi truck accident victim should have a similar team watching out for his or her needs, preferably one which includes an experienced semi truck accident attorney.

In many states, semi truck accident victims who have suffered personal injury may be entitled to recover damages for pain and suffering, emotional distress, disability, permanent disfigurement, dismemberment, wrongful death, scarring, loss of opportunity to enjoy life, interference with marital and/or parental relationships, and other types of damages. Many states also allow for recovery of "special" damages, such as past, present and future medical bills, wage loss, loss of earnings potential and other out-of-pocket expenses. Some states also require certain "no-fault" benefits to be paid following a traffic accident. This type of benefit may serve to pay a portion of lost wages and medical bills.

A semi truck accident lawyer can help "level the playing field" by providing auto accident victims with information regarding the practical and legal aspects of personal injury law and semi truck accident claims.

The semi truck accident attorneys of VanDerGinst Law, P.C. have represented thousands of individuals who have been seriously injured. Through experience and education, our firm is able to expertly evaluate medical injuries and pursue personal injury claims on behalf of persons injured in semi truck accidents and/or their family members.

Each year thousands of motorists and truck drivers are killed or seriously injured in semi truck accidents. Like anyone else using our highways and roadways, semi-truck drivers and the companies they work for, have a duty to operate their vehicles in a safe and responsible manner. Unsafe driving, oversized loads and various other treacherous practices put the public and the truck drivers in danger.

Large trucks weighing over 10,000 pounds represent only 3% of all registered vehicles on the road in the U.S., yet they account for over 25% of the deaths in multiple vehicle traffic accidents. Here are some alarming statistics:

  • Over four hundred and fifty thousand large trucks were involved in semi truck accidents last year.
  • Over one million people were involved in semi truck accidents.
  • Over five thousand people were killed in semi truck accidents.
  • Over one hundred and forty thousand people were injured in semi truck accidents.
  • One third of the injured suffered catastrophic damage as a result of semi truck accident.

Mechanical failures, reckless driving and improper driver training account for some semi truck accidents. However, the overwhelming cause is driver fatigue. The National Highway Transportation Safety Association (NHTSA) reports that driver fatigue is responsible for 30% to 40% of all semi truck accidents. In a recent survey, almost 20% of semi truck drivers admitted to falling asleep at the wheel at least once in the previous three month period.

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury or death as a result of a semi truck accident, call the semi truck accident lawyers of VanDerGinst Law. P.C. at (866) 843-7367 or submit a free online case evaluation. The initial consultation is free of charge.  If we agree to handle your injury case, we will work on a contingency fee basis, meaning we are paid for our services only if, and when, there is a money recovery for you. In many cases a lawsuit must be filed before an applicable expiration date known as a statute of limitations.  Please call our semi truck accident lawyers right away to ensure you do not waive your right to possible compensation.

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